December 21, 2015

#slqintaiwan: Day 3 - A purely coincidental day for matching outfits.

Day 3 in Taiwan

Are we your family goals yet? hahaha we coincidentally wore the same colours! We didn't plan our outfits the day before and we just grabbed whatever from the luggage the morning itself. It was truly a coincidence how everyone was either in blue or red. The scenery was simply amazing, it felt like a painted picture and the pictures I took surely didn't do it justice. The weather was great for most part of the day, till we were at the top of a mountain and it started to rain, oh boy. It was below 5degcelcius and I wasn't dressed for it at all. I rushed out just for a photo and headed straight back into the car for warmth. It drizzled the entire night and it was really really cold. Thankfully the beds had heaters, woo!


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