March 8, 2016

Girl's Day Out

Okay, I admit. The last post was a weak attempt to keep this space alive. You can barely call that a post. So here's how the last post came about, I gathered all the pictures taken in the last 2 months and whacked them into a single post. I wanted to just leave it as it is, grids after grids of photos. But it felt stupid, I mean, you wouldn't even know what was going on if I never included anything. So I tried, with probably the most minimal amount of effort to include captions and strings of words just to please myself that 'hey, I updated this space'. Looking at how much I detest the last post, mainly cause it's so messy and it lacks so many things, I'll probably go back and edit it sooner or later.

How has your holidays been? Mine has been boring, at best. I took out my planner a few moments ago and I counted down the days left till school starts. I have approximately, 1 month and 2 weeks before I start Year 3. That means, I wasted I guess 3 weeks of my holidays doing nothing great at all.

I can't fully say that I did absolutely nothing. BUT I can't say that I did anything either. The last 3 weeks has been a whole lot of fun, but also a whole lot of nothing too. Whenever there were plans, my day would be filled with adventure and wonderful things. However, when there were no plans and nothing planned to do. I stayed home and just lazed in bed like a lazy piece of thing that I am. I don't recall doing anything productive while at home- maybe occasionally picking up my brush pen to practice brush lettering.

So let's see. What have I been up to the last 3 or 4 weeks. (Prepare yourself for a virtual vomit of photos, as usual)

-- x -- x -- Impromptu Girls' Date -- x -- x -- 

Right after my exams ended, Mich and I planned an outing to Chinatown. She really wanted to head down there for some art market thing. I had no clue what it was, but I went anyways since I really wanted to get out of the house. Thank heavens for the new Downtown Line. It made travelling to Chinatown so easy and fast. The art market was kinda disappointing tbh, since most of the stuff were either sold or gone. It was cool though, seeing so many people creating such pretty and unique pieces of work. I didn't get anything except for a bottle of Royal Milk Tea from Matchaya. It wasn't like our usual milk tea from the coffeeshop, it had a little something extra in it. I have no idea what it was, but it surely made me a really happy girl after that. Since I had to get presents for friends, I decided I'll get a couple of packets of the powdered version of the drinks. 

Blah blah, we walked aimlessly before settling down at a dimsum shop for dinner. The dimsum was disappointing beyond words. Most of the items came cold and they weren't as delicious or even worth the money we paid for it (I guess that's the price you pay for food when you're in a tourist spot).


On our way home we made a super impromptu decision to head to Universal Studios on Monday and so we did. We met up at Vivocity before walking over to Resorts World Sentosa. There wasn't a queue for the tickets, so I got my student season pass within minutes from the counter. Just when I was about to be super stoked about the empty place, the making of the card took me about 30 minutes. The computer was super slow and I had to awkwardly wait there for them to finish up my card. Anyways, the place wasn't as crowded as before since it was a Monday and it wasn't the holidays yet. We got to try all the rides and yes, I took both the blue & red crazy loopsy turny rides. I don't know what got to me, but I went for it. GOSH. I kept screaming "I hate you mich" since she was the one who convinced me to get on the ride. I guess since I could still scream 'i hate you' the ride wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Thankfully most of the rides had less than 15 minutes of waiting time. 

I didn't take that many photos since my phone was in my bag, in the locker majority of the time. And most of our photos were epic hilarious since we made it a thing to copy tourist's poses for every photo. 


At the end of the day, we were dead tired and decided to retreat back to Vivo for dinner. But our cravings for a cold drink won us and we sat down with a cup of bubbletea from Gongcha and that was our dinner for the day. Thanks mich, for making me crazy on the two scariest rides I've taken thus far. The amount of 'i hate yous' clearly don't mean anything, cmon HAHAHA and here's to 6 years of friendship gurl!!!!

I am honestly just super duper thankful for this girl right here. She's been through so much up and downs with me, it really surprises me that she is still here. And our bond is stronger than before, even though we barely meetup anymore due to the crazy busy hectic schedules we have. Well, here's to many more years of friendship & to many more impromptu girl-dates.