#slqintaiwan: Day 1 & Day 2

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Finally a getaway, away from the hustle and bustle in Singapore. 

The next couple of posts (or any with the title #slqintaiwan) would just be photo diaries of the 9/10 days I spent in the various parts of Taiwan. It's impossible for me to recall every single thing I did, nor would I have the energy to type out all the details. Also, I'm pretty sure no one wants to read the boring details of the trip. So thus, a simpler way to compile and summarize my trip to Taiwan - a photo diary, of sorts. 

I would say, this trip has been a really fun and kicked-back one since we weren't following any tours. We planned this entire trip on our own, with the help of friends and relatives who have been to Taiwan, and also with the help of our chartered driver. We hired the driver to bring us around for 5 days, meaning from the day we landed till the day we went to Taichung. It was really great having a personal tour guide as it was less stressful. Thankfully, we didn't have to rush from sight to sight and catch up with the super packed schedule like those in tour groups. Without the stress, we were able to take our time admiring the countless great scenery and enjoy the great food Taiwan has to offer. Of course we also had time for the countless /according to my brother/ "photoshoots". I mean seriously, great scenery begs for more photos to be taken right?

While my parents were planning the details of the trip such as the places we were going to etc. I had to take care of the gadgets which we were gonna bring on the trip! The first thing that came to mind was, WIFI. I need wifi when I'm there- to update Instagram, to update Facebook, to reply friends, everything and anything!!! (Oh gosh, I just realized how dependent I am on the Internet, without wifi I'm a fish out of water oh) I was kinda stuck, I didn't know where to get a router from or how much it would cost. I thought about getting a SIM card when I'm there, but 4 SIM cards, that isn't gonna be cheap. And SIM cards don't guarantee you unlimited usage of data either! So I researched a few places and found that the Overseas Wifi Router Rental from Changi Recommends was the best deal. The router rental for Taiwan was able to connect up to 6 devices (perfect for us, since we had phones and laptops), and it had unlimited wifi coverage and usage. We didn't have to worry about exceeding the quota or what not. The best part? It was only SGD$5 a day! Which means, we only paid SGD$45 for the entire time we were in Taiwan.

I went online to reserve a router 2 weeks before my trip and collected it at Changi Airport the day I was to leave. ^ The set came with a router (duh!), and a charger. The router runs on battery, and hence it needs to be charged. I left the router on the entire time the first day and it only lasted about 4-5 hours. I realized that in order to have the router last longer throughout the day, I would have to turn it off when it's not needed. For instance, when we were travelling from place to place and all of us were either napping in the car or snacking away - aka when no one was using wifi - I would turn the router off. Only when I wanted to snapchat or instagram something, would I then turn it on. Using it this way allowed us to use the router for the entire day (about 9-10 hours). If you're constantly using wifi and need it to be on all the time, I suggest you bring along a portable charger to charge it up whenever the battery is low.

That basically leads me to showing you what I carried around in my bag. Since I was incharge of taking photos using the dslr, I decided to travel light. Everything I needed and used on a day to day basis in shown below. A selfie stick, my phone, a portable charger (I'm using the 10k one from valore), my wire to charge my phone and also the router's wire, the router and as well as some tissue to clean up in case of mishaps. TISSUE IS IMPORTANT FOR US GIRLS, especially when going to public toilets. Just a heads up!

Yadayada, I guess I've typed enough. I'll just let the pictures do the 'talking' now. 

Day 1 (or rather day 0 since it's just the day we landed) in Taiwan


Day 2 in Taiwan





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