It's all over.

By sherylslq - 3:36 PM

Omg. Examinations are finally over. It's over. It's all over! I don't have to worry about a single shit anymore (except results & that olvls are in less than a year?) 
No more stress from studying till late at night! Hell yeah. Ok I'm just overjoyed right now, even though I'm sick and suffering from terrible a sore throat. So the papers were not easy but it was kinda doable I guess? Hopefully I get a b4 and above. Or maybe just a pass.

I'm super sure you're relating to that picture right now, right. 

So that may have been me when the examiner was like "Pens down. Stop writing." Cause that marked the last day, the very last day for our end of year exams! HECK YEAH. I'm happy now. 

It's all over now. What's done, is done. Let's just hope that we can make it through.

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