March 9, 2016

A date to River Safari

Note: This is just a little continuum from the previous few posts which were mainly just photo diaries. Links to the posts are here here. I know I know, the last 2 posts were mainly a huge vomit of photos from dates/events/birthdays that happened over the last 2 months. I can't seem to find anything that I am truly sincerely passionate about writing just yet, so yeah. Boring updates from the last couple of months shall suffice as updates for this space for now. 

Question to self: Why create a new post when I could have just continued from the previous one right? Well, I have no answer to that either. I just wanted to make things less messy and I don't know if it really worked. 

Anyways, ignore my stupid rants and fast forward plentiful of boring days, and say hello to friYAY! The boy managed to take leave on Friday so we made last minute plans to visit the River Safari since we've visited the zoo before. I really wanted to go to River Safari because of Kai Kai and Jia Jia. I have this little or maybe a huge obsession with Pandas. I feel like they're my kind of animals. Sleep all day, everyday ahahahaha 

We've learnt our lesson from the last time we went to the zoo with an empty stomach. So we made our way to grab a quick lunch before travelling to Choa Chu Kang bus interchange. We then took 927 from the interchange to the River Safari. The entire journey was about 30-35 minutes, excluding waiting time for the bus. When we arrived at the River Safari, we made our way to the counter and I flashed my tickets which were screenshots on my phone. Thankfully I didn't have to print it out and the online versions worked just fine. (you'll see a lot of photos of us looking like tourists, oops)


I should have warned the boy that the River Safari probably consisted of 70% fish, or water creatures. Something he was most definitely not a fan of. It completely slipped my mind when I suggested going since I was focusing mainly on the pandas. Well, he found out the harsh way haha oops. I was fascinated by all the different creatures and was busy pointing it out, but this boy right here. He just didn't listen at all. He was either trying to get a clear shot of the fish, or completely just zoned out. It didn't help that most of the exhibits were behind glass, which made the photos x100 more blur and just not pretty at all. 

After awhile we gave up using the camera and decided to just stick to my phone + a selfie stick. Trust me, a selfie stick comes in super handy especially if you're someone like me who loves to take photos without having my face take up 80% of the frame. 

Story time again!! Omg so when we were looking at the stork ^, I got pretty engrossed in just looking at it move and yknow, do its thing. Out of a sudden, the stork (I'm gonna call it A) found food from godknowswhere, and started eating. Of course, stork B wanted food too. But nope, A, wasn't gonna give it. So A flew away, and there was this tiny little piece of food left and B went straight for it. But it didn't grab it properly with its beak. AND THE FOOD DROPPED TO THE GROUND. And the poor stork B couldn't find it after. I swore it just looked aimlessly and couldn't find that little piece of meat gah. I was so devasted for B that I stood there like a weird person just pointing nonstop to the piece of meat. I stood there for possibly 20 minutes talking to the stork (like it'll ever hear me lol). I guess the boy thought I was going cray, talking to a stork through a glass panel hah

Moving onnnnnnnnnnnnn, we got closer to the panda exhibit and I was sooooo stoked!! I was basically jumping around like a little child EGGGGGCITED for the pandas. I've been to the River Safari once before, but both of the pandas were hiding the last time I went. Since we had a ton of time left (it was only 2PM or maybe earlier), we stayed at the panda exhibit area for probably 40 minutes or so. The boy was so captivated by the red panda and its cuteness, and so was I. It just so happened that when we entered, they were feeding the red panda. It was super duper adorable. It only wanted apple slices and completely ignored the (what I assumed was) high fibre biscuits. It also looked kinda sad and lonely since there was only 1 of it in the entire enclosure. 


After the red panda retreated to the little corner on top of one of the branches, we decided to move along and see the pandas! You have no clue how much of a child I was that day, looking forward to seeing one of my fav animals ever. I took so many photos of the butts of Kai Kai & Jia Jia, as well as many (if I dare say so myself), nicely timed shots. *brims with joys and pride* Kai Kai and Jia Jia didn't do much the entire time we were looking at it/admiring its butt. Either way, it was still a great time just looking at them in their 'natural' habitat, doing absolutely nothing.


After staying at the panda enclosure for more than an hour (just a wild guess tbh), the crowd started to stream in and it was no longer as tranquil as before. We headed out towards the souvenir shop and walked around aimlessly. WE CHANCED UPON THESE SUPER FLUFFY AND SUPER ROUND BALLS OF FUR. And we fell in love with them. 


I've always had this fear that the people mending the store would hate me for taking pictures/photos of the items sold or with the items. I don't know why or how this little voice came about to me but I just never felt okay taking photos like these in souvenir stores especially. Oh well!! They were way too adorable for me to resist. I might even consider going back just to get these cause LOOK AT IT. It just screams bring me home!! Right?
After we walked around the souvenir shop, we decided that we didn't get enough of the pandas. So we headed back into the enclosure and stuck around for a little longer. 


River Safari has really really little things for you to see and take photos with/of. After the panda enclosure there was really nothing much left, unless you got tickets for the boat rides. I didn't get them cause from past experience, the animals won't be out for you to look at them anyways. So the ride didn't make much of a difference in my opinion. We walked around for an hour or so more before we decided to head off home. Right before we left, we saw Giant Otters which were just lazing around in the sun. And I swore, that's my life goals hahah to just be free of worries and laze without any burdens.

Although it was a short day at the River Safari, I still felt rather drained from all the walking (no idea why). So yadayada, that pretty much leaves us the end of the day. We left River Safari with contented hearts and souls. I felt like a child again there and I was just really happy we both enjoyed ourselves immensely.


Here's to many more adventures, my dear, and to loving animals more and more.
(The photo on the right is us reenacting the viral koala crying video, fyi!!) 

It's 1:22AM, wow I've been trying to draft this out since 12midnight. Oh well, good night friends. 

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