Thai Tea Frappe

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Thai Tea Frappe

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Sitting in the front row of lecture doesn't mean that I'm paying attention or that I'm studious. It's just a thing that my class sits in the front row, and so shall I. I didn't have breakfast, and now my stomach is making weird noises. Oh I pray no one hears. I've been scrolling through Tumblr, Twitter and countless other blogs searching for something that sparks my interest. I stumbled upon countless little sweet treat's recipes on abeautifulmess and now I'm craving for freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Cookies, cakes, chocolates and more. Ahhhh I can't wait for the midweek to come around, and to get done with the last 2 assignments. So that I can finally go and get some good food (despite it possibly burning a huge hole in my pocket). I shall continue pretending like I'm listening in lecture now, even though I really can't be bothered just because. I bet no one is listening anyways. 


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