March 7, 2016


I still can't grasps the concept that the first two months of 2016 is gone. It left just as quickly as it came by. The only thing I remember from January and the first half of February was loads of assignments, presentations and due dates. And of course, exams right in the mid of February.

Ya-da-ya-da. So here's a whole bunch of pictures and visuals to represent the first two months of 2016. I don't really know why there are so many occasions missing from the post. I can't exactly remember all the things that happened, and I couldn't find the photos and blah (excuse my excuses).


Celebrating one of the bae's 19th birthday at Bugis+! We went for a 2/3 hour long karaoke session at Manekineko. For such a long session, the price we paid was surely worth it. There was also lots of drinks and snacks to enjoy while belting out to endless songs. 


I couldn't have asked for a better group to chiong my assignments with in Sem 2.2. Although we were constantly down with the shitty flu bug, we still made it through. I truly believe that we would all succeed and get great grades (we better do). & These bunch of crazy girls made the 2 years in Poly a heck of a fun ride. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart- for these last 2 years. And here's to many more memories together, even if we're all embarking on different tracks soon.


My baby cousin turned 3 recently and we went to Bread Street Kitchen at MBS (Omfg, Gordon Ramsay's restaurant, yes!!!) I really wanted to try out the scallops and boy am I glad I did. Everything was obviously really delicious and yummy. I mean, duh, if you're gonna be paying that kinda price. It better be good, right? I can't believe this little bundle of cuteness turned 3. I swore it was only a couple of months ago that he was just like a little baby.

Fast forward through the horrible 'hell week' where all assignments are due. And through the examination period as well................ Tada!! Mum's birthday.


For mum's birthday we headed to an Italian Restaurant to have dinner. Everything on the menu sounded so great that we ordered way too much food to finish. But I'm glad we got to try a lot of the food they served and I surely don't regret having my stomach full from all the great food served that day.