September 23, 2012

Don't worry, be happy.

September is ending, October is coming. 
Another year is ending.

Time flies very fast when you're happy and enjoying yourself. (Not really, time flies really quickly when you're busy and stressed etc.) It's nearing the end of September, and October is round the corner. If I weren't living in sunny singapore, I would have been so happy about the fall/autumn coming around. But I live in this hot microwave oven which doesn't have the four seasons (that sucks badly). If I did live in a country with 4 season and get to experience Autumn, things I would love to do would be endless. I seriously love the autumn scenery and I've always wanted to go some place some day............. *drooling over the scenery.............................*

Just look at how amazing it would be if we were there. Escaping from our hectic lives.. Sadly it'll never happen. 

 For places with 4 season, October means fall/autumn, for us students in Singapore? It means the EOYs are just around the corner, or some schools may have even started early.
Yes, the end of year examinations are just round the corner. 4/5 days more to be exact, less than a week and my "entire future" would be decided. *cheh not really, but almost there* My grades will determine if I proceed to sec4 or retain in sec3. I don't want that to happen, but I'm seriously not ready at all. I really wish time doesn't fly so fast. I do have time, but I'm wasting it all on blogging/tumblr/twitter and shit social networks that doesn't save my grades.

Enough of depressing thoughts. Get over it.

I need to be happy. I need to get over things that aren't worth being upset for. But I don't know how to. I'm always thinking back about how I can change things, about how things could have been better. I know it's been really long and I should have gotten over it. But I can't. I just hope and pray every night that one day everything will go back to normal and you'll tell me that everything would be okay again. I know it's impossible. But why am I still so naive thinking that things would change and go back to the way it was? Why am I so stupid.

Hoping for a better tomorrow.


Bought a pair of super cute shoes yesterday from Zekko! Loving ever single bit of it cause it's black.

Outfit from yesterday. I seem to always be wearing the same clothes LOL. 
New shoes that are super cute and colourful.

My cute shoes caused me tons of blisters. Neon plasters to the rescue!

Roses mummy got from daddy. Super pretty!