September 21, 2012

Taken by surprise.

"What is love to you?"

That was what my class mentor asked us. Many of us didn't have any answers. Most of us chose to not say what we felt. But honestly, how many of us really know the answer, the exact answer.
What is love to you? I have no exact answer, because there's no exact answer for love.

To me love is that feeling for someone that doesn't wipe away. It's prolonged infatuation and obsession turned into a soul filled connection that needs two parts to fill. Trust is interwoven into true and real love, without it there will always just be longing. 
I learnt the hard way, thinking that things would last forever. Guess not. Things don't last forever because forever doesn't even exist anymore. All that we can do now is to keep going and to move on with life.

Love isn't all about a boy-girl thing, it can always mean for your friends, for your family, for something you like. Why is it that we teens are always stereotyping love to be something between a girl and a boy? If you're going into a relationship, always remember to never fall so deep for something you think might be "true love". No harm waiting for evidence to support the "i love you" statement right?

 So we did a mind-map on what we thought was love, infatuation, and most importantly. Is love important right now? 

I did the decorating cause I wanted to "break the ice" and the awkwardness of the topic.

We were all munching on snacks our previous class mentor bought.

Finally done! Isn't it pweeeeedy?

We had to ration the snacks. ;'(