Big Bang Alive Tour 2012

By sherylslq - 3:45 PM

28th September 2012
Big Bang Alive Tour

I died a thousand times that day. I swear I did. It was super duper super thrilling to be there, to watch them live. I should have blogged about this on the day itself or whatever, but I was seriously too busy. I have been spazzing over them for about 12 days now. It was only 12 days since I saw them. HOLYYY COWS. I'm dying so badly right now thinking about all of it again.

So here's what happened that day........................
I got out from school pissed like a mofo, ok sorry. Then I rushed home to change and headed to westmall to get errands done. Train-ed to JE looking for those 4 VIPs who have terrible sense of directions, yeaps. Trained all the way to stadium and I swear the people there were old (like 20+++)? I was freaking out so badly. I was crazy that day. My shoes gave me tons of blisters. But it was all worth it. So the queues were long like whoaaaaaaa. But yeaps. We didn't really care since we had fixed tickets. So I took a crazy lots of pictures. I'll just upload them here for you to enjoy. :-*

OH YA. Daesung sang Wings. I died there and then. IT WAS SO CRAZY. HE HAD WINGS TOOOOOOO. 

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