October 24, 2012

I'm done.

Some days I feel like I'm dead, but breathing. It's that exhausting, mentally, physically and spiritually. 

I haven't had the time to post a proper blog post in like forever. Sighs. Really busy lately with all my commitments (drama, family, friends, council, etc.) I really have no idea. On top of all those shit I have to commit to every single day, I've issues with people and friends.

I’m so done with everyone, like almost every single person. If you aren’t going to respect me and appreciate the shit I do for you, then I’ll gladly and willingly open the door and show you the way out. I don’t have time for all their childish shit anymore.

Been obsessing over Sogurt with my dear lately. Awkward info there.

Went to Legoland, Malaysia on Saturday! It was kinda amazing. Super love the rides there even though the queues were crazy long and the weather was hot like hot. Had an amazing time there! Can't wait to head back there with my friends again.
So left home pretty early on Saturday and headed down, thank god there wasn't any jam! Used my cute bag from indulging-tendencies (see sidebar). Yeap, photos were all taken using my camera unless I was going on a ride, I used my phone instead cause my dad said it wasn't safe to bring it up the ride. Hahaha. After that we went to Jesco, AEON? It was so huge and we ate A&W waffles! Supposed to be the best. But I don't know. ROOTBEER FLOAT TOO. Yummyz! Ok enough of crappppppppppp. Photos! Don't mind me, I look retarded.

Completely and utterly exhausted.

** Sorry it's gonna be a little bit of ranting here**
So, I got the role for SM for SYF2012. I was still deciding if I should take on the role because I was really afraid of my results for next year. After all I'm barely passing Sec3. Of course, I couldn't say no when they pointed at me to be an SM right? They keep telling me that TIME MANAGEMENT is the key, the only thing I need to get right. But what if I'm someone who can't manage their time properly? What if I'm someone who need thrice the amount of time you guys need to understand a topic? I might regret my choice, I don't know. I'm just hoping that since we're doing the same play we'll be fine.... Hope. I read her post and she was definitely not happy about me getting the role, but what was I supposed to do. Reject in front of everyone?  Come on. Let's just hope this works out.

I seriously can't stand when people hurt my friends. Not just one friend, but the whole group of them. It really sucks when I can't find time to go and h2h with them or chill with them so that they can forget all the shit that people are doing to them. I need to cheer them up, but I can't because I'm busy facing my own problems that no one knows.

** End of rants**