Am I sorry?

By sherylslq - 8:55 PM

Am I sorry for lying? To be honest, no. I believe that if you want to stay in my life as a friend, you would at least try. You'll put in effort to keep conversations going on even if all I do is reply with one word answers. That's what I'll do if I really treasure someone. But to me, all you cared or wanted was someone to keep you company when you're bored. Yup, you heard me right. You're just bored. The way you treated me was disgusting. I can't believe I actually fell for you, "oh ya we can be friends forever" shit. Everytime I tweet about being alone, you say you're there for me. And I tested your loyalty. I didn't bother replying and you didn't even ask what was wrong. genius at work dear, genius. Now, I'm strong enough to say that you're a pathetic loser and you can take your sugar coated words and rot in hell ya. People come and go. Some people reappear after fights like nothing happened, is it something good? I don't know. I really don't know. I have gut feelings that tell me that I should trust them. But I go ahead and do anyways. I feel stupid for doing so, do you know that? I risked genuine friendships for one that wasn't even true. How pathetic. Tbh, I prefer being alone with only a few good friends. A few, like 3-4 is good enough for me. I don't need the whole world. Meanwhile, I'll just take it as it's a game and see who gives up the act first. Im sure I wouldn't be the one.
Yup, sarcasm is the only way to eliminate people now, isn't it.

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