February 19, 2013

trying? maybe not.

I tried my best. I tried to make things cool between us. Yes, I hate you. It's a fact. But I was willing to freaking chuck my feelings aside to help you with your life. When no one was there for you, I was there. I could have been cold hearted like all of them. But I wasn't. I wasn't. You took everything for granted. You're just like those stupid stubborn idiots. You'll never learn. You'll always crawl back begging for help. Now I'm telling you this. The next time you need help. I won't be there. I WON'T BE AS DUMB AS YOU. I won't even be there to say hi. It was just a waste of my time and effort. And to think that you had the guts to bully someone else. You ungrateful. I'm happy you're suffering now.