happily ever afters

By sherylslq - 9:30 PM

do happily ever afters exist? in stories, yes. in reality, in this cruel world we're living in, Im sure as hell it's a no. people don't live their life like those in storybooks. you can plan you can dream but life will always find a way to throw you down on the floor. to me, it's useless trying to live the life I wanna lead. I'm merely a puppet in my own life. I thought I was the game master, the one controlling it all. But no, reality decided to be the master, making me a puppet. A useless puppet. A puppet that can't make decisions for herself, no, itself. Im that useless and hopeless in my life. It's like everyone is controlling my life, it's mine but they're taking over. They make decisions for me, without asking me. Im just as hopeless in my own life. Stories and happily ever afters? Those are just bullshit. No matter how much I try to live my own life, it never works. Im filled with guilt and I'm just so freaking empty everyday. It's like I've accomplished nothing, nothing at all. I really don't know what to do now. Im useless. Im pathetic. I can't do anything right.

I don't even know what happiness mean anymore. And guess what, I'm barely 16.

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