March 19, 2013

Just don't give up.

Don't you just hate how the world has become? Full of hate and full of people judging. Don't you want to just yell out how much these people are hurting others? They are hurting others, they know it, but they don't care.

Through my years of being bullied and judged by people who didn’t know me or got the wrong idea I’ve learned that no matter what you do, not everyone's gonna like you, people will judge you and set out to destroy you. They will destroy you, your life, your dreams, everything. Not because you suck but well because they're probably insecure and need someone else to pay attention to besides their own miserable little reality. I might not have been the smartest girl or have everything and most definitely not the most attractive. But you know what, you'll always be 1000000 better than people who act like they're better. You are definitely better than them. You have the strength, you have everything. To be going through something so shitty, heck you're strong. Honestly, I did want to take my own life. I did want to just leave everything and just go. Just leave this horrendous life. But people won't change, they'll laugh at you. They'll be happier that you're gone. So, I never gave up. I tried my best to stay alive, to keep breathing. To move on with life. Every time I get reminded that I was the girl everyone hated, tears literally just form up and roll down my cheeks. I'm not kidding. If you've never felt a pain that bad, good for you. But if you know what I mean, you'll know that it's a pain, a scar that will never ever go away. No matter how much you try to forget it, the scar will still be there. Hang in there. You'll be saved soon. Hang in there my bbygirl.