August 1, 2017


Finally found time to develop the Korea film sets. The results were pretty decent considering this was my first time experimenting with a film camera. I used the Aquapix Waterproof Lomo camera, which I got from Agnes a couple years back. It looks just like a toy camera. I was pretty skeptical at first, but decided to just go with the flow. It's super lightweight and easy to use - just aim and shoot. After researching online, I realized how much of a bargain this camera was. It was probably under $20 and it worked way above my expectations. Despite the 28mm lens having only one aperture setting (f9) and a speed of 1/100 seconds, I think it turned out pretty darn cool. The outdoor shoots turned out amazing (minus the ones which our fingers got in the way), but the indoor shoots were pretty disappointing, which I can't complain about since I got the 100ISO films.

Well, it was a great experience and Korea was wonderful. I can't wait to head back in the near future to fully indulge in the culture and life there.



Till next time,
Sheryl x