Mad for Garlic

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Recently, I've been spending almost every Saturday meeting up with my group mates and completing assignments.. It's been super draining both mentally and physically for me. To whoever said that poly life would be all fun and games, wow you sure are wrong! 
Saturday evenings are the only time I can actually sit down and enjoy a little. Last Saturday, my family decided to head down to Suntec City to have dinner.

"Mad for Garlic’s creative preparation method of removing the garlic’s pungent smell and unique way of cooking Italian cuisine with a Korean twist have won the hearts of both garlic and non-garlic lovers both in Korea and Singapore.
Many of its signature dishes such as Dracula Killer, Seafood Pasta, Garlicpeno Pasta, Garlic Snowing Pizza and Garlic Steak have received raving reviews from both Mad For Garlic's customers and food critics since its opening and are continuing to be the top sellers among most of the Mad for Garlic restaurants."

Mad for Garlic is Korea’s first garlic-themed Italian restaurant. Yes, you read that right. It's a garlic-themed Italian restaurant. Since the entire restaurant was garlic-themed, every single dish contained garlic. (Definitely not recommended if you're not a fan of garlic AT ALL) I am definitely not a huge lover of garlic and when I first heard that every dish contained garlic, I was not thrilled at all.
We ordered 2 pizzas- their signature Garlic snowing pizza as well as a Margherita pizza. The garlic snowing pizza had shrimp and pineapple toppings. It was pretty sweet and definitely had a ton of garlic infused in the sauce. However the margherita pizza was just a traditional pizza with fresh tomato base and mozzarella cheese! We also order a garlic bread tower that was filled with fresh garlic puree. 

So it started off as a tower, yes a standing tower. But whoooop, it was flatten and chopped into smaller pieces. 

I expected the fresh garlic puree to be overwhelming but it was not at all! It was sweet and had a whirl of different tastes. 

The pizzas were really really thin and I could finish almost half the pizza on my own. The fresh tomato based pizza was really filling even though I only ate 3 slices. 

After we were done with dinner we decided to join my relatives over at Citylink mall for ice-cream at Coldstone Creamery

Ice-cream makes everything 1000 times better, :-)

^^^^ My mom bought a selfie stick thing and........................ guess what we did while eating ice-cream hehehe.
That's pretty much it for Saturday.

xo, S.

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