July 12, 2014

little pieces of art

During my really short 2 weeks break I decided to have a lunch date with my mum. We decided it really randomly the night before since I had nothing much to do the next day. Since my cousin and my brother had were practically rotting away home, I decided to bring them along too.
Let's just skip the boring parts of how we took our time to get there..........

My mum brought us to a really cozy and authentic Korean place for lunch and boy was the entire place packed! I mean, of course! It was lunch time afterall. 

After deciding for an eternity on what to eat, we finally decided to try out their chef's specials. Mainly chicken and beef sets.

I really do regret not blogging the day I went out because I can't remember the names of the dishes at all! But all I know is that they were super delicious and definitely wallet-friendly! The lunch sets were about $12.00 each and the portions were so generous! It is super filling and definitely worth your money! 

After we were done with lunch (and since my mum had to go back to work), we decided to head to Cityhall to wait for my aunt! We were early (for the first time!!) and decided to roam around citylink mall. Guess what I found while I was there!

Cookies For Sid 

Cookies for Sid aims to make such wonderfully tasting cookies that will unleash the inner Sid in all of us. 
In other words, Cookies For Sid wants to unleash our inner Cookie Monster!

This was definitely not my virgin try at these amazing cookies though! Just like the previous time, I stood there and took forever deciding which flavour to get. There was such a wide variety of the cookies, and I really wanted to get one of each, but nah.

After taking forever to decide, my cousin and brother finally made their decision and got their cookie.

I highly recommend these if you're a cookie lover and don't mind things that are really sweet. Maybe it was just the ones that we picked that were super sweet though. But all in all, it was definitely a good treat! 
If you want to find their outlet, they're located at:

Citylink Mall 
B1-10, 1 Raffles Link 

Singapore 039393 

After we were done with cookies, we headed to Starbucks since they were having a 1-1 for either their Strawberry Cheescake Frap or their Tiramisu Frap! And as usual, they spelt my name wrongly despite already spelling it for them letter for letter. I didn't get to try the strawberry cheesecake one, but I'm a fan of their tiramisu frap! It's not too bitter nor too sweet and it's something new for me. 

After roaming around drinking our drinks, we headed to SAM! Yes, Singapore Arts Museum. I have a hugeeeeee love for anything artsy (although I can't draw for nuts!) I really enjoyed just walking around in the silence and enjoying artwork by everyone else. Sometimes I wish I were that talented too :-(

^^^^ Is this an artistic shot??? hahahah I tired ;)

There was also an area where we could write what we would like to wish for despite it probably not being granted. Seeing the amount of wishes that have been written makes me really happy and the entire idea of the installation was really genuine and lovely too.

I just had to act like a child, I mean come on... It's only once in a really long while where you get to be absolutely crazy!

Despite having been to the Singapore History segment of the museum countless times, we still went anyways! It was fun the first two times we went and it was definitely an eye-opener. But heading there for the third time was probably not the smartest choice....... I was pretty bored after awhile since I've seen and heard most of the explanations of Singapore's history before.

I was super bummed that I didn't have time to see the Genesis art exhibition which was a black and white photography exhibition :-( It really captured my attention and the pictures were super gorgeous! I need to find time to head back there to check out the exhibition before it ends!! 

After a day at the museum, we decided to head to Tanglin Halt to join my mum for dinner!
As usual for us, Tanglin Halt meant having No. 1 Western Food for dinner! My uncle is an absolutely huge fan of this stall and had formed really close relations with the stall owners too.

Their portions are definitely worth the money that is being paid. It's almost always filling and satisfying!

Ending it all here, xo.