August 8, 2014

National Day Parade! (preview) & Update.

I know I haven't been blogging recently..... (the last post was almost 2 weeks ago?) AND I'M SUPER DUPER SORRY. I honestly couldn't find the time to blog especially with the endless amounts of project works/assignments/essays/homework and presentations up my sleeve. I tried sitting myself down last week, telling myself that I had to write something and post it even if it were just a few paragraphs/pictures. But guess what! I was so packed with assignments and everything else, I could barely find time to read a book (which is a big deal to me).
I just finished my first formal presentation which was such a huge deal for me and now that it is over, I can focus on other presentations and my exams- Which is in 1.5 weeks?????? 
Gosh, where did all my time fly to? Didn't I just start Year 1 recently....

Nonetheless, I'm here and I'll blog about almost everything that has happened in the last few weeks. 

I would like to say that I ended July off on a great note. I had accomplished so much in July with all my assignments and everything, I couldn't be more proud of myself. However, starting August was just terrible. Although I had already completed a huge load of work, there was still tons more and it scared me. I was so frightened that I couldn't finish all the work in time for submission. I was also really scared that I would not have enough time to revise for my examinations which are just round the corner!! I am a person who works well under pressure but only if I am certain that I can perform. Being new to this course and this whole poly system made me wonder and doubt myself- Could I perform up to my expectations? So even though I work well under pressure this new environment really scared me. I had a horrible terrible mental breakdown at the start of August. (On the first of August to be exact.) After crying it out and realizing that self-pity would lead me no where, I decided to get my shit together and get working on my assignments and revision.
I'm still scared but I'm working on it and I'm still trying my best to ensure that I get all my work done in time. 
Enough of the boohoos in life, right?

Next up, on the 2nd of August (Saturday) I had a CCA session really early in the morning. My group planned the session and we were kinda unsure if it was going to end up well. We were so unsure of ourselves and we were really nervous. BUT WE CONQUERED IT. After the session I stupidly took the bus to Jurong East instead of taking the train which would have been soooo much quicker. But the journey was quiet and nice so I really don't have much to complain about.

I had cravings for the cookie crumble cheesecake from Starbucks and I GOT IT. I finally got it! I couldn't be happier when they finally got my name right too! They're always getting my name wrong. Like changing it to Sherry? Or Sherly? Shery? 

After enjoying and indulging in Starbucks I had to rush off to get ready to attend the National Day Parade Preview! The journey there was so long and tiring and hot and sweaty and warm (HAHAHA too many ands but I really don't care, oops.)

Everyone's walking and walking and just trying to reach the location on time.
Everyone was in different shades of red, of course.

^^ Just casually taking selfies as we walk hehehe ^^

The collection of the fun packs wasn't that fun considering the amount of people trying to get there first and all. The packs that we got were pink/yellow which was pretty cool. I was pretty upset when I got my pack though, the bag of peanuts were already opened (I presume it was due to rough handling and not because someone opened it up and ate it........) But since the volunteers were after all there to volunteer I really couldn't complain.

Can you see our faces glistering with sweat omg
It was so a pretty disgusting sight, all of us were just sweaty and gross.

Since it was free seating everyone begun pushing and shoving trying to get the best seats and all. Well, to sum it up, our inner typical auntys and uncles shined right through that day.

We ended up sitting all the way to the very top since we entered pretty late :-( But it's okay! The view was amazing from where we sat. And the volunteers (the people cheering and dancing) were super enthusiastic and they really made everyone's mood so much better! 

All the flags soaringggggggggggggggg yay ~

So much respect for them Red Lions :-) 
They've trained so hard for this event last year, but the jump was cancelled due to bad weather..... But they got to jump this year! It was so amazing watching people jump off from just a height. I could never imagine myself doing it, EVER. Maybe I would in future, but right now? Watching them seems like a better idea than joining them!

The performances were so colourful and it was all flooded with high energy! I felt the best parts were definitely the old songs that we could actually sing along too. 

This is home, trulyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, where I know I must be. 

The formations they made were just so pretty. From a heart to a family and even the skyline. Their hard work and trainings were definitely worth it. 

Here's my attempt at a pano shot while the contingents were marching in. My hands were shaking throughout the entire time (I have no idea why......) and it's a miracle the pano shot turned out okay.
And here's another attempt at me being artistic (what lol nope, not even artistic).

 And favourite part of every single national day! The planes! Sadly this year it was only a very simple fly by :-( I was really looking forward to big fancy moves but I guess we're saving it for next year.

(I wanted to upload more pictures of fireworks here but guess what, my phone just wouldn't connect with my computer :(((( )

After everything ended, we were tired but we had a blast! Look at our tired yet happy happy faces ^^^^