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By sheryl soe - 10:14 PM

I sat down, turned on my laptop and attempted to blog. About anything and everything. But nothing came to mind, I had no inspirations at all. Although I woke with many things in mind to blog about, nothing really came through to me. Most of the topics I wanted to blog about were either cliche or something that I have blogged about almost way too often.

But I told myself, I had to get something out today- so here I am

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It's the start of a new month. Yes, 2014 is coming to an end. 
It's really scary how fast time has flown. I am not sure if I'm happy that such a tragic year is finally ending (plane crashes and just horrible things happening around the world.......) or upset that a year has flown by and once again I'm still doing (almost close to) nothing useful with my life except for going to school and slacking around at home (MY BAD). But I've decided to ignore that for now and just focus on life as it is. 
It's a new month, and as usual, 'new goals' for the new month. The only thing I have in mind for this month or maybe the month of November and December is that I want to focus on my studies. I need to focus on my studies and I don't want to do it at the very last minute right before my examinations again. Focusing on my content in batches before tests would definitely lift the burden of cramping everything in at the very last moment. 

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I also want to try and live with absolutely no regrets. I've been regretting so many things lately that it actually starts weighing me down. I'm tired of having to face my regrets and wondering if the same opportunities are going to come up again. SO NO REGRETS. If I want to eat chocolates at 11 at night, I will. I don't want to wake up regretting that I went to bed at 3 in the morning. If I made the choice, I would go through with it. I will no longer regret the small things in life.  

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Constantly regretting the things I have done and the choices I have made has caused me to become a really negative person. I would constantly be down and upset or even just pure angry. It's been hard controlling my emotions when sometimes they're just everywhere. But I need to start moving on and staying more positive about everything around me, especially the choices I've made.

I hope whoever reading this realizes that it is your life my dears. You can choose to lose yourself making everyone else happy or lose yourself in making yourself happy. Everything you do and every choice you make should not be forced (influenced, maybe....). 

You need to get over this psychological barrier you're putting up for yourself Sheryl. You need to get over it so that you can keep moving on.

Till next time! 
xo, S 

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