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When I first thought of Halloween, I thought of  nefarious [ni-fair-ee-uhs]. 

(adjective) Nefarious is defined as extremely wicked and villainous. 

When you see the word nefarious, you think of evil villains, such as Disney anti-heroes. Those whom are infamously known for being sinful and unjust. 

Nefarious is one of those rare words.

We have never really celebrated this day and we always just yknow thought of it as a normal day. But the Bukit Batok CC hosted a Halloween event on the 1st of November (yes, it's a day after halloween.............) There were facepainting booths, free food and drinks as well as a laser tag event. It was not a really huge event and it was hosted at the sports hub next to the CC. The main event being the laser tag which the organizers set up.

The dress code was to dress to scare, but since it was a last minute thing, I really didn't have time to create a scary costume. I dug through my wardrobe and found a simple maroon skater skirt and a "wild cats" top. I paired that with my converse highcuts and I became a "wild cats" cheerleader. You know, with the red and white and the obvious word "wild cats" on my shirt........
I'm pretty sure no one knew who exactly or what exactly I was trying to portray though..... 

I went down with my cousin and since we had an extra ticket, I called along one of my friends who happened to be nearby. The laser tag being the main event had a ridiculously long queue which sucked. But I did get my face painted, which was hella cool. 


Before the "face painting" ^                                  After the "face painting" ^

After meeting up with my secondary school mate, we just walked around and took pictures (and polaroids which I owed him since we didn't take any the last time we met each other).

^ We honestly couldn't decide if we wanted to smile or pretend to be scary. It was quite a joke for the girl taking pictures for us since we always did the opposites. ALSO, we looked like we were promoting Domino's pizzas since we were holding them in our hands. 
But nonetheless, we got good photos out heh.

And so my "dedication" starts here, 
I honestly need to thank that guy up there ^ for spending the night with me (sounds weirdly wrong......) but yeah. It would have been really boring if it were just me and my cousin. It was super duper nice catching up and just talking about anything. Drifting apart after we graduated secondary school was probably one of the worse things/decisions I have ever made. But then again, it wasn't a decision we/I made it just happened. SO THANK HEAVENS that we are finally back to talking and snapchatting?? (Is that a new level of friendship- I think yes.)
I'm seriously thankful for a friend like you. Really. 

Till next time! xo, S

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