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I have always been a huge lover of nature. I could spend hours admiring the pretty scenery or just spend hours walking around a park. What I love most about the great outdoors is that I could just spend hours there and there would be nothing to disturb me. I could finish a book while sitting on a park bench or I could just spend my time taking pictures of the finer details.

My family and I love going on morning/evening walks. It's a way we as a family bond. I absolutely love going on walks on weekends because it's a way I can relax and forget about the stressful week I've had. It's a way for me to walk or run off all the negativity inside me. Walking/jogging/running with my family also helps us with our goal which is to lead a healthier lifestyle. 

Healthier lifestyles definitely do not mean dieting and cutting down on meals! I absolutely hate cutting down on meals or skipping meals because I am a HUGE food lover. Yes, I do cut down my portions, but I would never skip a meal just to "lose weight". Therefore, in order for all of us to lead a healthier life, we've decided that working out is the only way. Working out on our own never worked. We would either slack off or say "I'll start tomorrow!!" (which clearly tomorrow never comes). So thus, our family has decided to do weekly walks/jogs!

My dad loves picking out different places to trek/walk/jog around and he would always do research on the areas prior to our weekend walks. Last weekend, we went to Hort Park and boy has it been a long time since I've last been there! 

Hort Park has always been a place that would awe me and I would always feel like it's a super gorgeous place. I definitely wasn't disappointed when I went there. Coincidentally, a wedding was to be held there and UGH IT WAS SO PRETTY. (I have dreamt of a wedding here ever since the first time I entered Hort Park......)

Everything was so nicely set up! We tried to sneak peaks at who the bride or groom was but we had no luck. I really hope that they had the best day of their lives saying "I do!". 

Moving around Hort Park, we found..........................  ^

It was so nicely decorated and it gave off such a homely vibe! I was so tempted to just sit on the swing and not continue with the walk. Once again, I've always wanted a little cottage house with lovely plants on the outside as well as a cool swing that could still hold my weight when I'm 60....... 

Since we were waiting for my relatives to come along for the walk, we decided to yknow, take a ton of pictures. 

^ My mum's first reaction to taking this was 'Why is it so blur?' 'Can make my face bigger anot?'

After my uncle arrived with his girlfriend, we started our walk! We did regret starting the walk at around 10 since the sun was blazing hot. 

I love being in the sun, but I really hate being all sweaty and sticky and just feeling awful after being soaked in sweat. BUT I do like the feeling of sweating it all out after a good run. 
Wow I'm such a weird person, pardon me!

As usual, I took really little pictures since the main event was the walk and the bonding

We seriously attempted to take so many group photos with the selfie stick which was definitely not stable. I was so afraid that my phone would just plunge off the canopy walk right down to the floor. And not to mention we have horrible sense of the lightings. 

But all in it was a great walk since there were a ton of steep slopes and stairs to climb! It was definitely a challenge and the Reflections at Bukit Chandu exhibition really got me thinking about a lot of our history. 

Lots of love, till next time!
xo, S.

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