July 10, 2015



You think your mind is a mess, you think you're a mess. I won't deny that, because you know yourself best. But all I'm asking for is a chance to explore you and your mind. You may not realize, but your mind is a damn special place to be. Sure, it's dark place, with a ton of dark thoughts. But that won't stop me from wanting to find out more about you and the things that cross your mind.
I want to know you, for you. I want to read you like a book, read you over and over again. Till I've memorized every single word. If you were to ask me if I'm afraid of dark places, and if I'm afraid of you - my answer will be yes. I'm terrified. But I don't care. Call me stupid, call me dumb, but all I want to do is know you better. To know you for who you really are. Your dark thoughts, your dark side, whatever you want to call it, they're part of you too. So show me, and I promise you I won't run away. 

Let me explore your mind, let me understand you. 
Don't push me away. 
I promise you.
 I'll stay for as long as I can.