Dear you,

By sheryl soe - 1:15 AM

I wrote this thing for you. Of course I never gave it to you, nor did I ever tell you about whatever I wrote. It was kind of just a silent letter I wrote to you. It was more like a silent promise I made to you, even though you had no clue of its existence. I don't exactly remember when I wrote it, but I guess it was somewhere in April. I thought I threw it away that day, but I didn't, and it's still sitting in the exact same spot I left it at. I don't know if I'll ever personally hand you this letter since it is so over-dued. So I'll just type it all out here instead.

If you're ever in doubt:

"Hello you, 

It doesn't matter where you are when you're reading this or when you're reading this. Always remember that I love you (you know what I mean). Like, you have no idea at all how much you mean to me. Although we only became closer like last year, you found a way to get me to notice you. I would usually get bored and ignore people after awhile, but you, I don't know. You're different, just different - interesting. All I want to do is to know you more, to get to know you from top to toe. Even though you say you're a simple man, I think you're not. It may sound creepy (coming from me) but I want to know you, and everything that you think is useless/boring. I want to know you, and I won't give up until I do. You think you're not worth it, but TRUST ME, you are. It'll take time, I know, but believe that I'll be around for you. I really don't care how long it's gonna take for you to believe and accept that I want to be here. Because, no matter what, I will be here for you. "

I'm glad I wrote that letter. I'm glad I stood by my promise. A huge part of me still wants to get to know you for you. I don't think that will ever change. I love that I'm learning more and more about you each day. I love that we're learning more together. I want to know everything (as creepy as it sounds) about you, all the smallest littlest things, things that no one else knows. Because the more I learn each day, the more I fall in love with you too. 


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