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I haven't updated much about whatever has been happening, or whatever I've been up to. Nothing much really, considering the amount of assignments and work that was piled on us in July & August. Not to mention exams in August, followed by attachment 3 days after exams ended. So yeah, have fun looking through a ton of photos.

Big Bang MADE Concert
Going to the concert with Agnes was probably the best decision I've made. We had so much fun going absolutely crazy and just being wild fangirls. I was really shocked when I saw how close we were to the stage because my mum only got the tickets a few weeks after the sales had already started (and I was expecting it to be completely sold out). BUT OMG BIG BANG NEVER FAILS TO IMPRESS AND BLOW MY MIND I SWEAR. 

97/14 Commissioning Parade
Watching him grow from the very start of his OCS journey (well, somewhat the start) till the end, which was marked by his commissioning parade has allowed me to see how much he's been through. 9 whole months of training, outfields, more training, 3 weeks in both Brunei and Thailand. I reallyrealllyrealllllllllllllly couldn't be more proud of him. 
P.s. I sat in the crowd and yawned through a rather boring parade (TOO MUCH TALKING THAT I ZONED OUT HAHAHAHA). 


Rest of July 


In the mood for Hari Raya!! Even though I'm not the one celebrating it. We were invited to Aida's house and gosh her mum cooks such great food. Although they were spicy I still ate anyways because they were that good. Huehuehuehue. It was a great short one day break from the hectic schedule we had rushing assignments and preparing for presentations.


National Day Celebration in School
Our class was selected to be one of the few 'lucky' ones to attend the celebration in the CC. Most of us didn't even want to attend, considering we only had one class in the morning....... But we went and became patriotic INSTANTLY. We were belting out all the old Singapore songs and we were just having so much fun. 


Goodbye Fshes :-(
And this marks the end of us 3 working together as a group. We completed our last group presentation, on a bad note WHICH SUCKS. But whatever it is, we have tried our very best throughout our entire journey together as a group and I couldn't have asked for a better group than the one I was part of. Thank you fshfsh, for being so great and lame at times.


After the end of all our presentations, we just had to have our final group photos to mark the end of our semester. Without them, poly life would really be boring, and it would be 1000x tougher to get through too. I'm really thankful for them, for being my pillars of strengths :-)

Final Class for the Semester
This class has been amazing. Nuff' Said. T01 never fails to make classes that much more interesting and exciting. With the many lame jokes and the countless inside jokes, I really couldn't have asked for a better class. 

Churros Factory @ Junction10
Junction10 has absolutely NOTHING. It's actually a really sad place to be, I could finish walking around the entire area in under 10 minutes. It makes West Mall look like an actual proper mall. But anyways, there's CHURROS FACTORY so hoorah!! We tried the ondeh ondeh flavoured ones and it wasn't that bad. Although once soaked in the syrup thing (whatever it's called), it became aq3kjhdfkjahs too sweet for even a sweet tooth like me.


Goodbye Hell Sem
Hell Semester is over. Semester 2.1 has come to an end.............. FINALLLLLY. Exams were shit. But then again, I never really leave an exam hall feeling confident that I would score well so ahahahahhahaha but anyways since it's over :-) To mark the end of hell sem, and the end of exams; us girls went to town for Seoul Garden!! We made it just in time for the last hour and a half of the lunch time. We ate so muchhhhhhhh and lost our way to the toilet after. But after we found the toilet, that happened (points down). HAHAHAHAH


Adventures to Unknown Places
Okay, it's not really unknown. But it is abandoned. It was a really quiet and a little scary considering everything was empty and abandoned. But I felt like I could stay there for more than just awhile just to read a book or stare and admire the surroundings. Cool fact though: The entire void deck of the abandoned building (or more like the people were chased away by the government for whatever reason I have no clue) was filled with O$P$ signs written in SUPER NEAT HANDWRITINGS and almost every door had paint splashed on it. My dad said it was probably some "training grounds" for newbie loansharks. It was really quite a sight to see.

Finally got to go on a proper day out with this one right here woooo!! It felt weird though, that we could finally go on a proper date, if I can actually call it a date. Not that I'm complaining that the simple dinners and short meetups to grab quick bites weren't enough, but it's nice to finally not have other stressful matters on my mind while I'm out. It was really nice to just enjoy his company and not have to worry about assignments or exams or whatever it is. Here's to more date nights or dates, or whatever we shall call it my boy :-)

fast forward to 8th sept because I've been at attachment since 25th Aug and nothing much really happened since I was at attachment all day long; 
It as such luck that the only day that I didn't have to go for attachment was on her birthday!! Obviously I spent half the day with this girl here. To finally catch up on the endless things we've missed out on and to take a break from the hectic schedules we both have. We went for really good and cheap food, but pricey and heavenly cakes. We were too full from lunch, hence we only ordered one cake each. We seriously wanted more, not to mention waffles and icecream too omg ahhh but all was good, all was good. Till we needed to take photos?! And we didn't want to burden people to take it for us. So we found ways to take it on our own, and I've got to say. WE DID WELL MICH WE DID WELL HAHAHAH


So that's all that has happened, that I could remember (or have photos of). But woohoo, I've finally updated everything up here. Couldn't be more proud of myself hahahaa ok it's time for me to go to bed now. I don't think anyone would even bother reading or scrolling considering how long this post is................. mainly because it's all photos but yeah bye goodnight


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