December 31, 2015

#slqintaiwan: Day 7 'til Goodbye

Day 7 in Taiwan

"Why eat something (macs) you can have back in Singapore! Let's go try something different! Let's go try something they have (their own burgers instead of macs or mos)."




I utterly embarrassed myself while trying to use this vending machine which sells souvenirs just so I could get this cute little train chop set for my baby cousin. I guess, it was kinda worth the embarrassment. I think. HAHAHAHAHA

Typical Sheryl move. Getting starbucks for a long train journey (45 mins odd). 


Ximending was a place everyone raved about. I didn't see what was super spectacular about that place. I honestly didn't. It felt like a bigger version of Bugis Street. Hmm the only plus points were I FOUND MINI MELTS omg it's been too long since I've had this heavenly little thing and I found it!!!!! Sadly Singapore doesn't have it. Ohwell. And cute dogs, yeah, the really adorable cute dogs. That was pretty much all that got me happy there. 

Day 8 in Taiwan 
We ditched the hotel's breakfast for these. Yummy yummy for the tummy tummy. 



My brother did the Mario Jump everywhere we went. I guess that's his thing for Taiwan. 




Shilin night market (shihlin or whatever the spelling) was another one of the super raved about places to go. Everyone I knew that had been to Taiwan said the same thing. The only thing I would agree would be the food. The food there is really good. But that's pretty much it. There was nothing much to shop or buy and most of the things there were repeatedly sold in many other night markets that we went to the previous few nights. Oh well, the food was great so I guess that's something. 

With that, I mark the end of my journey to Taiwan. I've gained a ton of weight thanks to the countless trips to the night markets and thanks to the snacking almost all night. I loved the weather there and the scenery is seriously jaw-dropping gorg. I would head back there, without a doubt, but I would definitely give most of the night markets a miss since they pretty much sell the same thing everywhere.

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