January 25, 2016


Oh how time flies. I wanted to blog about 2015, about all the ups and downs and lessons learnt - all that stuff. But I realized that I had nothing much to blog about because I haven't given myself time to truly reflect upon 2015. Yes, we're nearing the end of January and I still haven't had the time to sit and really reflect about everything. It feels kinda odd to reflect about 2015 when I'm in the middle of deciding my goals for 2016 though.

I decided to give myself lesser expectations this year. I don't know why. I just felt like it and cmon, after years of trying to chase long lists of expectations which I've set upon myself. Not this year, I just didn't want to have a huge long list of things I wanted to achieve or do. I didn't set specific targets for myself this year. I just decided I wanted to let go and be a little more carefree. Well, not really be carefree since I'm approaching year 3 soon.

For 2016, I wanna be a better person (in general). I wanna love more. I wanna give more. I wanna care more. I basically wanna be a more positive person, and a person that's more aware of her surrounds/people around her. I want to push myself to take chances, and to start on things that I want to start on (no more saying 'I'll do it later', no more 'maybe next time's). 

Update: I know I know, I said I didn't have any specific targets for myself. BUT I JUST REALIZED THAT I DO.

  • Make absolutely full use of my planner!! (It's there for a reason, stop leaving it aside and start personalizing it.)
  • Learn brush lettering / work on brush lettering more often.
  • Save more money & stop splurging on useless stuff omg :-(
  • Maybe, just maybe: blog more often.


Well, I can only hope and do my best to make 2016 another great year for myself and the people around me.