April 12, 2016

Weekly Finds & Inspirations: #02

Another week has come and gone. From loafing around the Internet to heading out and about, guess what I found. Spotted a ton of super cute and quirky little home decor items floating around the various sites I usually browse. Often I would "add to card" but never check out cause I simply do not have any more space in my room for these items. I would love to one day own them and have them displayed on my wall though. (Maybe on the walls of my future house? hahaha am I planning too early in advance)

Chanced upon these really adorable post-it pads in shapes of my favourite animals - pandas and rabbits @ Tokyu Hands JEM. The panda on the right looks like it's dancing, right? Or am I the only one who sees it that way haha

HipVan is probably my favourite site right now. There's a whole range of really unique and interesting items and it just never fails to amaze me what I can find. While scrolling through the home decor section, I found this great piece. It's the Scratch Map Capitals by Luckies. It is essentially the world map in matte black, and whenever you travel to a country/capital/wherever, you erase that spot and it reveals a bunch of different colours. Well, of course in order for this to look really darn beautiful on the wall, you have to have the passion to travel and explore many places. I swear I could do just that, fly around the world soaking up all the different cultures the world has to offer. But the only issue here? $$$$$$$$$$

This simple, yet sophisticated Scroll Map Print by Quiirky is sure to have heads turning. It just makes an elegant focal piece and I really wanna own it right now but sighs, I don't have a place to hang it up!! There were so many different map related prints which were screaming for me to purchase, but of course the question now is "why do I need so many versions of the same map at home?"

Ted Baker iPhone 6/6S - Oriental Floral NudeTed Baker iPhone 6 - Loouise Distinguish Rose
Ever since I got my iPhone 6s, I have been on the look out for pretty phone cases. I'm pretty satisfied with the current transparent jelly one I have since I can switch up the polaroids, but still, I'm always looking for a prettier phone case. Guess whatttt I found on HipVan again (link here). These phone cases were selling out so quickly and we all know why. Look at it. Just look at it and tell it it's not elegant and just alsdjlajdlkajd pretty perfffff (last I checked, they only have 2 left????) These were the ones by Ted Baker, and gosh, if it didn't cost a bomb I would probably have scooped it right into my arms. 

Okay, so long story short, I'm careless and clumsy and any expensive and pretty phone case I get will probably have cracks and scratches within a week. Is it worth it to get it and then have my heart broken cause it's ugly and scratched? Not really. So yeah, I'll just stick to my jelly phone casing for now.

Till next time,
Sheryl x