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I don't really know how to start a post anymore. Do I still address it like as though I'm speaking to someone, with Hi's and Heys. Or do I just jump straight to what the post is about? Either way doesn't really seem right, but I guess I have got to make do. Anyways, here are some long overdued updates on what I've been up to. :-)

After planning and cancelling our date to USS at least 4 times, we finally settled on a date. Since we both bought the student season pass (S$88; 6 months validity), we decided we would make full use of them before schools starts at the end of April.

We thought that going on a weekday would be simply fantastic and that queues would be short. HA HA we were soooo wrong. USS was rather crowded the day we went with a lot of tourists and families with small (young) kids. The waiting time for the rides started from 25 minutes. Although that was the stated waiting time, we both agreed that it felt way longer. The endless waiting as well as the weather made us really tired and we called it a day after merely 4 rides. Since we didn't want to wait in line forever for the rides, we decided to walk around and chase the characters walking around.



Even though we barely got to sit the rides, we were both glad that we got out of the house and had a little fun that day. Well, I guess the next time I head to USS I'll be sure to get ready for the waits even though it's the holidays + weekdays.

Till next time,
Sheryl x

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