By sheryl soe - 10:24 PM

(I just need a place to rant, I'm sorry if you were looking forward to a greater post)

I started the day off bad, I was late (as usual). I rushed to Kallang Wave Mall only to realize that the "red sea" has decided to come knocking on my door when I'm about to embark on my rock climbing adventure. Nice timing huh? I managed to accomplish quite a lot while rock climbing today, which is great. But the journey home wasn't. I felt like my soul was sucked out of my body and I could do nothing but pray the bus moves slightly bit faster. The cramps were a killer, and my headache really didn't help much either. I wobbled my way home and swallowed panadol pills in hopes that the pain would disappear immediately. Of course, no such luck. I blanked out and woke up when my brother was home to ask me if I was alright. I guess I was slightly better by then, but still groggy and completely weak. Well, it's just one of those days that ain't going right. I feel sorry for myself, and how pathetic I am right now in this state. But well, I'll learn to forgive myself for it's just 'ONE OF THOSE DAYS'.

Till next time,
Sheryl x

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