Spooked by a rat

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I'm officially done with the first semester of my final year in poly. Am I happy? I'm not sure. I feel kinda lost now that everything's over but I guess this feeling will be gone soon enough. I'm still trying to find things to do before I start my internship. Things - meaningful things - before I end up being unable to do anything else but work work work during internship. Oh! And pray too, 22 credit units, I'm not exactly sure how I will be able to ace my way through it. But anyways, I have neglected this place for far too long. I have 5 unedited drafts, all filled with photos of the little adventures we sought even when we were so busy.

I clicked a random draft and tada, something from 5 weeks ago. Boyfriend and I finally went for our supposed monthly picnic (we haven't really kept to that promise but.... well we try). As dog loving people, I swear, Singapore Botanical Gardens is probably the best place to go ogle at the dogs. It was a really nice weekend away with him, especially when there were that many assignments and work to be done. I didn't capture much of everything that happened but well here's a little bit of it. 

If you're thinking about having a picnic, here's some tips I can offer:
  • Always bring lots of drinks but remember!! lots of water in means the need to have lots of water out too
  • Bring a fan?! or whatever it is if you absolutely hate being sticky and gross after
  • Think of things to do, cause eating isn't gonna take up much time HAHAHA always have little games prepared or a book (whichever floats your boat)
  • Dress for comfort!!! not to impress seriously, it'll be just you cursing away if you're there in something very uncomfortable.
  • Check the weather before hand, and plan for the worst. 



Till next time,
Sheryl x

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