Hey there, I'm Sheryl! I recently graduated with a Diploma in Child Psychology and Early Education and I am currently a full-time Early Educator. My love and passion for working with children started from when I was little. I was inspired by the wonderful experiences I had when I was a child and I can't wait to give back to the children under my care now. 

If you have chanced upon my blog, welcome! Here, I'll post updates about my progress and reflections as an Early Educator. I would also be sharing about the little tips and tricks I've picked up along the way. Apart from work, there would also be plenty of love, lifestyle and foodie posts too! 

Truthfully speaking, I am not great with keeping this space updated. But I shall try! I hope that you'll join me through my journey and learn with me as we go. 

Till next time, 
Thank you for dropping by!