October 28, 2012


Sometimes, all you need to do is breathe. Breathe in fresh air, and exhale all your problems.

Friday, 26th was supposed to be the last day of school for all Secondary Schools. But guess what, my school decided that we sec3s should have extra lessons for another week. So I have school next week too, until the 5th of Nov. Doesn't that suck. So since Friday was a public holiday, I asked my cousin out and we went to Bugis to find my brother's birthday present. Ok, maybe not really get his present since Bugis street doesn't really have things for guys. We shopped a l o t. I think I'm addicted to shopping, teeeeeheeee! 

Saturday, 27th was my brother's birthday celebration! Went bowling, and I was utterly embarrassed. Even though my score wasn't that bad........ The kids there were like x10000 better than me the first few rounds. Oh well, had tons of fun!