By sherylslq - 11:31 PM

Don't you just hate it when people obviously have read your message to them, yet they just don't want to reply. It just gives me an ouchie yknow? It's like knowing that they find you annoying or something. I know I tend to be over clingy and all. But come on, when they text me I take time and effort to reply. But for people like them, they don't. They don't even bother giving you a heads up if they're gonna be busy. They just leave you hanging there, hoping you'll be fine if they don't reply. I don't know, that was my clingy self speaking hahahaha. I get annoying when I'm bored and when people don't reply. Ooops!
But but but it's like, ughs, it's so annoying......
I texted you at 5.30PM. You were online online online and last seen at 9.00PM. Come on, you really couldn't spare a second to reply me huhhh.

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