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So on 22nd March, like I stated in the previous post, my parents planned a 2D1N trip to batam!Yup. So as usual, I'll blog about what I did and all.
Bright and early on 22nd march, my entire family begun buzzing around the house. Getting ready, getting dressed. Ensuring that everything's in place before we leave. Of course aside from making sure I have all my necessities, I hugged my bunnies before I left. Don't judge me. So we took a bus 188 to habourfront, which was the last stop. And boy was the entire bus ride long. But what surprised me was.... There were loads of people on the bus all heading to work, on a Saturday! So once we reached habourfront, we roamed around for a while. After which my parents bought mcbreakfast for all of us! ❤❤❤ probably the best way to start the day. So yes, sausage mcmuffin. We waited for quite some time before the entire clan of 19 of us arrived. (My /half/ one side's extended family) so once we were ready, we set off on a ferry! Gosh, I hate taking ferries yknow. Or boats or what. Unless it's gonna speeeed. But if it's gonna stay at a place and rock, I'll kill myself. I was so grumpy and pissed throughout the ride. I hate the feeling of my gut tossing and turning, yknow the motion sickness kind of thing? It was terrible!! But thank god I slept and it wasn't that bad. Getting off the ferry and seeing how beautiful batam is, was priceless. (Other than the fact that they smoke like craaaaazy.) hmm but it was cool. Customs took forever before we all crossed it. *inefficient* but after that, we found our tour guide and we boarded the bus. Bus 101. Such an easy number to remember! Of course we dominated about half the bus. The rest were other people but it's alright. We were having tons of fun. So yup, we just visited places after places and I'll bore you to death if I listed it out. So yeah. Pictures will talk more than me.

Setting off! Wheeeee ~

Finally my cravings (Y) CHILDHOOD FOOD.

Mhmmmmmmmmm <3 nbsp="" p="">
heading back to sg now :( :( 

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