a crazy journey

By sherylslq - 11:05 PM

a crazy journey
SYF2013. Samsuiwoman. it was indeed a crazy yet fulfilling journey. although things weren't easy, you guys never gave up. you thought about it, i know, i did too. but we didn't, we continued our journey together, we made it together hand in hand. am i regretting my last production as a dreamakerz? hahaha no way, it was definitely not something I'll ever regret. yes we forgot to bring stuff, we didn't meet expectations that we have set for ourselves.... but that doesn't matter! we did our best and that was all that mattered. having fun together as one big family, that was ALLL that mattered to me. thank you so much for sharing this wonderful journey with me right before i step down. It's been amazing working with all of you. ❤

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