By sherylslq - 10:29 PM

Choosing drama wasn't a simple decision that didn't affect the rest of my life. Through this entire journey I've learnt so many things. Being the one that everyone hated left me with many scars, but honestly, they've made me either a better/worse person - to many people it's for the better, to some it's for the worse. To me, it definitely made me a better person. I'm liked better ,yes, I have a better sense of what's going on. But it made me really miserable too. Knowing that people once hated me so much. I don't know why. (i can never be happy and small things annoy me.) But through drama I expressed myself whenever I could. It has been a hectic journey, tons of ups and downs. But we actually finished each journey together, hand in hand, no matter how tough it was. It was a pleasant surprise for me knowing that people actually recognize how much one person has contributed. I've always thought that no one would care and that only a few who knew what was going on could actually be nice enough to help us through the journey. Enough of boring shit talks...... (Happier post continues later)

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