Safe haven

By sherylslq - 10:32 PM

Drama has been my safe haven ever since I could remember. Drama is the best thing that has happened to me, and now drama is now part of me, part of my life. The journeys may have been tough. But I'll never forget the lessons learnt. You guys have taught me to be myself (unless you're a big ass bitch then don't be yourself), and I have learnt so much about myself through all of you. You guys helped me through being the SM. it was definitely not an easy job, but you all made it so easy for me because you co-operated. Thank you so much. I haven't been the best actress but I'm sure I've imparted as much knowledge as I could to my juniors about what I think I'm best at, crew work and backstage-stuff. I really sincerely hope you guys will keep your passion for drama and shine whenever you need to. Keep drama in good hands because Im sure drama is your safe haven too.
Sec1s, you guys have a lot to learn! Keep the hunger for knowledge and with each step you take in drama fill up your tummy. By the end of your journey in cssdrama, you should be able to pass on 4 years worth of knowledge and experience, maybe even more!
Sec2s, oh my amazing people. You all have proven yourself through éclat an syf! You really do have passion and potential. Don't ever lose sight of what you want and what you know is right. Do if for your passion and nothing else.
Sec3s, drama club is in your hands now! Be good role models for your juniors. 1 year will fly by Im not kidding..... Treasure you time well, last year for most of you. Treasure every single moment you have with your juniors okay! Pass on all your knowledge, they'll need it.
/ thank you so much for the wonderful wonderful step down, I've never imagine myself being in such a position watching my juniors do something amazing for us /
Sec4/5s, thank you so much for traveling this journey with me. You guys have been asdfghjkl wonderful people. I know we've had fights and all those nasty stuff. I'm glad we grew up, I'm really glad we did. I'm sorry for whatever *[%+.>]+?£|€ stuff I've done in the past to make you wanna kill me. I hope I'm a better person now. You gals/guys are one of the best things that's ever happened to me. Continue to strive for O's! Let's do this shit well. I love you alllll. <3

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