You think you know everything

By sherylslq - 9:01 PM

You think you know everything. You're the smartest one in the world aren't you? You think you're the one who knows everything, and I'm just some dumb idiot right. Wow well done. Thank you for letting me know how much of an idiot you are. You're totally the best hm. You know every single goddamn thing. I cannot believe that I bothered caring for you. I cared and that's why I told you, but no. All I got were stupid remarks. Thanks a bunch. I didn't have to go through all these bullshit yknow. But I did, why? Because I know how much it sucks. But nope, you just had to make me seem like an idiot and yup you're the best. I can't even be bothered with you anymore. I don't even wanna care anymore. You can go and rot in hell for all I care.

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