June 23, 2013


Have you ever felt like you're caring for someone who barely remembers your existence? 

I hate it when people include really sweet touches to their texts and I'll instantly be emotionally attached to that person. Then when they don't reply, da dum I'm left here over-thinking about how Im annoying and how they're not replying because they find me a burden. Some days I wonder whether I'm really a burden because I don't bring joy to people at all. I make people unhappy, I make people worry about me, but I can't do anything to help them.

What's worse is when they have their "last seen" on whatsapp and they obviously have read my message but..., sigh. And even if they aren't on whatsapp, they're tweeting away. Which makes me wonder. Do I really have to care about people who do this to me? It sounds so selfish. But I really can't stand people who don't reply for hours. I mean if you don't wanna text me, what about a message that says so instead of giving me mixed signals and all those stuff? Come on. You and I both know this is how we want to be treated.
Sigh good night my loves.