July 6, 2013

happy seventeenth birthday

Dear person who asked me to say I melted when you sent a picture of yourself acting really cute haha,

    happy 17th birthday panda :') 

 whoooop you're 17 now, not 16, but 17. Here's a blog entry dedicated to you my dear friend. Heh no body reads my blog so I can type the most ridiculous shit here hohoho! 

Anyways, thanks a ton x the weight of a panda for being the most amazing friend I know. (can't beat my girlf but you're almost there) you never fail to cheer me up when I'm upset. you never fail to try and tell me I'm not a klutz (I am okay) but anyways. you're always telling me to becareful and you're super duper caring and super nice. You're also really cute and idk amazing and nice and friendly and ya. 

(I'm the one on the right okay) 
You're almost always there for me even though I only knew you last year through audi. I never expected our friendship to actually be like that yknow. I thought we would only probz text each other to ask if we're playing (ha joke). Ha but you actually opened up to me (did you or did it just slip out by accident idk) and Ive learnt so much about you and everything. Throughout my June hols we grew closer (right? Idk man) late night texts weird timing texts. I actually slept around 2 some nights (a very very rare thing for sheryl) 

You are one crazy fella. One hell of a crazy fella. Your emotions are a freaking roller coaster you know that. Some times you're happy and the next second you're upset angry. It really makes me wonder if I've done/said anything wrong. ): jeeeeez.
Anyways, please stay safe and in one piece not pieces please. 

You're truly an owl & a panda (with your eye bags omg glenn can you sleep more) & a robot toooooo (how could you give me your favourite you idiot did you not cry when you gave it away) 

Here's to a friendship I pray would last forever (forever is bullshit) & I'll always be here no matter how many times you tell me to go away. And I'll always always always be here bc you're worth it and you're not a burden. Ok Glenn? Don't keep talking about suicide and death. My heart kenot take it okayz. & my brain is too filled with studies you cannot make me worry more CANNOT

ily xox 
from the biggest klutz you'll ever meet :')
have fun being 17 yay ❤

here's a dare for you friend: DON'T SMOKE ANYMORE it's really not cool and it shortens your life span by a lot and it's NOT healthy come on it's NOT cool too and if you stop you'll save a ton of money okay please for idk what sake (I'll say my sake but ha but do I even mean to you that you would stop for me right hahaha)
Don't smoke already okay. Please (I'm saying please.) 

    ☺☺☺Happy birthday Glenn ☺☺☺

*heres a virtual hug* cuz sorry i didn't stay with you longer just now ): i had to rush home. Sorry i made you walk all the way to the mrt station and sorry i woke you up bc i wanted to pass you sth. sorry i had to pass you sth while you're like sleeping away and that made you guilty so you made me suffocate your fav in my bag ): sorry bc sorry okay ): ):