it's a day off

By sherylslq - 8:32 PM

It's a Monday but here I am chilling in my home clothes at the ICA. Don't worry I didn't do anything wrong. I'm just here to collect my passport. Whoop because today is a holiday and I'm up early (happy bc I won't waste my day away but sad bc I'm awake so early)
Anyways, I woke up early changed into my favourite oversized ooak tee yup and I just slipped on my super lazy flats and off I went. Had breakfast at the roti prata house! Must I say again the prata was amazing and really yummy

Collected my passport finally! And I had difficulties reading my NRIC out bc I could only memorize it in Chinese. How embarrassing ): but I'm done now and off I'm going, back home. Bye ICA. 

Oh they're so cute aren't they? 

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