singapore grandprix

By sherylslq - 4:03 PM

a spectacular event that shouldn't be missed. and im lucky enough to have gotten passes for it.

(have to thank my uncle since he was the one who volunteered!)

yes of course im here to watch Big Bang perform, but the grandprix has always amazed me. 

and here we were  waiting! 
damn we were crazy last night! 

it's amazing how determined the racers are, imagine how hot it must be inside that little car that goes at such a great speed. it's a wonderful sport to me and this race is so packed with events, from the prac runs to the performances. 
waiting here for the Big Bang "concert" will probably be the most boring thing since i totally forgot to bring things to do. 

the 45-50 mins concert was just simply amazing. they never fail to set the mood and it was amazing. everyone was jamming out and they were just so perfect on stage. i swear it was one of the best nights of my life.

after everything ended my legs were literally numb because of the jamming out and all i could do was walk to starbucks and get myself my favourite chocolate chip cream. the best way to end my night. 

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