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waking up after 10 (unless I have work) has been a norm for me the last few months and it's amazing how i actually woke up on time today to meet up with my new favourite people - the people in the same course as I am. 
since school's starting in 2 weeks i guess it's time i start tuning my body clock back to it's original - with the waking up at 6 routine. 
let me just say, this bunch of us, we are never on time (we'll probably be late for school on the first day!!) and it's funny - we were late because the bus we wanted to take was too full to get on and it's just a miracle how people can squeeze on the buses. 
so hanging out at the makan place as usual with my fav people and just chilling in the cca clubrooms playing heads up charades and truth or truth

this is all of us fitting into a picture only because the fisheye lens is used :-(

i swear we all suck at playing heads up and we can't act out majority of it so oops but it was like an icebreaker game for us so walahh ☺️ 

well it's always have group selfies no matter where we go hey hey 

(I wasn't even looking at the camera :-( )

(cr: sarah the tall ass girl)

after that some of us headed down to vivo because we really wanted our free cone day from Ben & Jerry's! butttttttt the queue was impossible i swear so we didn't bother to queue up and decided to have us some haagen dazs!! 

chocolate chip, raspberry, caramel, vanilla, midnight, belgium 


7th heaven and the caramel biscuit one tasted soooooo goooooood :-((( 

group selfies again ;-) 


so that's how my day went about and we decided to stick around vivo and we took lots of pictures together as usual 

so yes everything was amazing today and we all had tons of fun and we're all looking forward to school starting (not really tho :-(( ) 

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