December 31, 2014

o h a n a


I have no idea how to introduce this group of weird and really crazy people, I really have no idea. We met during CCA bonding camp and since I was not a camper but rather the photographer, I constantly tagged along with all of them- aka the GLs. They were all super nice and welcoming especially when I was pretty much the only solo photographer for the camp. They easily included me as part of them, and I couldn't be more grateful.

So basically we had a small outing to Sentosa. I started off the day really early since I was supposed to meet someone from Carousell, but whoop the person decided to back-out at the very moment I replied "I'm here already, where are you?". I was fuming mad since he didn't even bother mentioning it before I made the trip to the MRT station. Great way to start my day, right? Boohoo, I got mad for awhile and decided not to let such an immature child ruin my day.

Heading to Vivo was a pretty boring ride since I forgot to bring my book and I couldn't on my data in case I use more than 2gb ha ha ha ha. After reaching Vivo and walking around aimlessly for about an hour or so I finally met up with Ken and Jun Wei. We then shopped around Giant for drinks and snacks while we waited for the rest to arrive. After everyone was present, we went to McDonalds to grab lunch (oh gosh we were starving hahahah).

Walking into Sentosa on a Sunday was hectic and so was waiting for the monorail. It was super packed with tourists and families. But with everyone stoked and chatting away, catching up with each other- the waiting time really didn't matter.

After reaching Costa Sands Resort, we walked to our room and dropped every thing we dragged to Sentosa. We were all dead tired and really couldn't be bothered to do anything else but just lie on the floor/bed/chair. After we were all done "recuperating", we decided to do our gift exchange/Secret Santa. My secret santa said that the gift contained alcohol and since I am underage, I completely disregarded that. I had no idea that the present would be mine, but after he acted like a photographer- everyone knew it belonged to me.

After rounds and rounds of Truth or Truth/Dare, we decided to head off to dinner. Of course, before dinner- pictures and more group pictures. I forgot to take pictures with my secret santa though. BOO.

The girls I stayed with in the Loft during the camp ^
Thanks for being ever so loving!! 

I'm really and truly grateful and glad I met all of them during the camp (which I was hesitant to join at first).

The very next day, I went to Sentosa again. But this time, it's for 4I'13's class outing. It was quite a disappointment though, seeing the amount of people who didn't appear. But nonetheless, it was a quick and great catch-up with familiar people. 

Apart from me failing terribly at frisbee and being a complete klutz through the day, everything else was pretty normal. We played tons of murderer and we are all such suckers for games like these. 

I'll be boring everyone to death if I kept on talking about the other things that happened so I'll just leave pictures to do the talking. 

The classic photo we took at the Sentosa wording- same as the previous time. 

Meeting up with the people who made classes wonderful and bearable- was cool as heck. I missed every single one of them girls and how I wish we could meet up more often :-( 

So that pretty much sums up both my days at Sentosa. It was simply amazing meeting everyone who is so very dear to me. A great way to end the year, and I wonder what the new year brings.

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