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Good bye to 2014
Good bye to all its misery and negativity.
Good bye to all the regrets, to all the missed opportunities.

2014 has been an insane rollercoaster ride. From the good, to the bad to the wonderful and the tragic. So much has happened in just a year- new friends I've met and made, people I've forgiven and moved on from, a new journey in poly. With a ying there's always a yang- the regrets and chances I've missed, friends lost, chances gone. But here's the thing, a new year gives me and all of us another chance. The quote below basically summarizes up why I love the new year. It gives us a closure, a point in time to let ourselves place all the bad away and to start over. 

Recently I've read something that made me ponder: "Do we really need 'closure', does the new year really bring about 'closure'?" Honestly, the new year closure thing is bullshit. We all know that life goes on and it doesn't really restart at midnight. But why am I hoping so much for it? It's because I like looking at life as a book. A chapter completed, a page turned. As cliche as it sounds, we write our own fate we choose what we want. So here's to leaving all regrets from 2014 where they belong, in the past. Now I'm going to continue moving forward; creating new worlds and new opportunities for myself. 

People often expect a miracle to occur once the clock strikes 12. But honestly, the new year would start of just the same. Waking up, having breakfast and just doing boring mundane things.
Where's the New Years' miracle? It's somewhere inside you. Have you pledged to be different? Have you decided to make a change. The miracle happens in you and it definitely wouldn't be something bright and obvious. So take some time, sit down and enjoy what's around you, with or without a new year's miracle.

Every year we make the same resolutions, but do we really do anything to make sure these resolutions are met? Or are we wishing for a miracle again, hoping some mysterious force would help us in achieving all the resolutions we've set.

So hello 2015, I won't ask you to be nice for that's too much to ask for. I'm not asking for anything from 2015, but rather I'm asking things from myself- to forget all regrets, to move on from the past and to create new memories that would be stories in years to come. 

Here's to more friendships forged, to more love and joy. 

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