December 25, 2014

spread the love; spread the joy

It's Christmas today and I've a whole lot of love and joy in me, but no where to spill it but on these pages. Honestly, this year flew by really quickly. Even Christmas felt super rushed. Although I still have quite a few gatherings spreading through to next week, it still feels like Christmas has ended just like that.
But boohoo, whining about it doesn't change anything, does it?

Speaking about gathering makes me super thankful that my group of friends from poly (qt 3.142 hehehe) planned an early Christmas meet-up and Secret Santa gift exchange. Starting of the week with food and more food was simply great. We all met up at Sean's house and ordered a ton of food (which we didn't and couldn't finish)- from Domino's to KFC to McDonald's. Can you imagine with the fast food we ate that day, gosh the fats we packed on in that ONE day.

Since Starbucks had a 3 for the price of 2 offer for Christmas drinks, we bought some too! The usual price for the venti would usually be about $8 or so, but with the offer each drink was only $6. SO YES, we bought it because it was cheaper!! 

While eating we also watched a few shows. Well, actually we didn't get to finish any since we were all so engrossed in talking but we did watch maybe like 1/2 of Bad Neighbours. Zac Efron *hearts eye emoji x10000000* 
After watching and just chilling around, we decided to start with the gift exchange! I was honestly shocked at who my secret santa was. Although I never really bothered guessing, I was just purely shocked! She was super stoked to give me my present and it was such a joy receiving from her! The packaging was so cute with a Santa Eskimo!! 

So since I was given something by Rachel, it was time for me to give something to my Elf- Which was SEAN. I had such a hard time buying something for him. Everything I wanted to get him was either something he already had or something I wasn't sure he would like. So I settled with getting him food, which I know was probably not sincere enough. But choosing the items was so fun! The angry bird candy I got him reminded me so much of him when he was angry and raging so yes- the resemblance: CHECK
I even gave it to him in a Victoria Secret's carrier to scare him- well scare everyone to be honest. 

What's a group gathering without friends right? So here's a bunch of pictures of us looking like we're taking a family portrait! 

Everyone had so much fun that day it was truly magical. The presents given and received were all so nicely thought through- gosh I LOVE CHRISTMAS TIME. I do hope this group of friends would last us forever- since we were talking about wedding invitations already hahaha 
But nonetheless, poly wouldn't be fun without ^ all of them. & I'm super thankful and grateful they exist!

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