April 13, 2016

A letter to myself

On the 27th of April last year (2015), I penned a letter to myself. It was a letter to myself for when I hit rock bottom or more so, for when I am in a tough spot and have no where else to turn to. I remember so clearly the day I wrote this letter. I was alone in Starbucks @ JEM, an alone time I felt was well-deserved and much needed. As I sipped my drink, I wrote lines after lines of what felt like promises and words of encouragement. 

So here's the letter: (It wasn't really a super duper private and personal letter, hence I don't feel violated sharing it. Maybe these words can help someone out there, who knows!) 

Don't ever forget the promises you've made to yourself. The journey through 2015 will not be easy. It never is, no one said it would be. There'll be times when you're on the verge of giving up (maybe right now as you're reading this too...). But, you've made it this far. Remember the very start of 2015? You made a promise, not only to yourself but also to the people around you.

More love. Less hate.
*& to be genuinely happy.

Push on. Everything will be worth it at the end of the day. Everything will be okay. PUSH ON :) you can do it. Just have faith.

27/4/15 (first day of year 2)

Now as I re-read the letter a year from when it was written, I am thankful I kept the promises I made to the people around me and to myself. I am glad that when I had no where to turn to, I had this letter to remind me of what I was here for and of the things I needed to do. I am glad that the people I've made the promises to reminded me constantly to remember to be positive about everything. I've tried so hard year after year to become a better person and to have more positivity in my life. And to be honest, I felt like I FINALLY came out of 2015 a better person- A person who wasn't filled with that much negativity.

I hope that 2016 will be another good year and that I would be able to grow and continue to be a better person at the end of my adventures in 2016. 

P.s. "Just have faith" was a line I kept using on the people around me whenever they were going through tough times. I never really believed in it whenever I told them these 3 words. But as I went through 2015, I felt like I understood what they meant more and more as the days passed. I am glad that I took chances and kept a lil bit of faith in me (not religiously speaking).

Till next time,
Sheryl x