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Hi there! I know it has been awhile since I've blogged about what I've been doing or where I have gone so here's a little post for you before I get all busy with school. School has been kind for the first week & yes, my week in school is over; a simple 3 day week in school. I haven't really gotten used to the waking up at 6/7am routine since I have been having the oddest and weirdest sleeping cycle over the holidays. Before you start nagging at me for whatever it is you're about to blabber on about. Yes, I should have tried to rewire my body clock a week or two before school started..... I know I know, my mistake. Oh well!! I am rather excited for school to begin and kick start.

Anyways, since school was starting, the boy managed to squeeze in 2 days of leave last week - on Thursday and Friday. We decided to finally visit We are The Furballs (WTF)after weeks of putting it off due to the many 1 star reviews we've seen on Facebook. After reading the comments or reviews, I had pretty much the mindset that the cafe had unfriendly dogs that were "no treats no affection" & the cafe also had obnoxious and unfriendly staff. My friend who went there also had a similar experience as those that gave 1/2 star reviews.............. an even greater oh no for me. (note: this is the mindset and impression I had BEFORE I entered the cafe)

Some might ask why did I bother heading down to the cafe since I had such a bad impression of the place. Reason why we decided to head on down? There were quite a handful of great reviews too. Plus, me and the boy are both huge lovers of animals. There was practically nothing that would stop us from experiencing a dog cafe. 

So the cafe is situated on the top floor of Bugis+ and it's easier to just take a lift all the way to the 7th floor. After which it's rather easy to spot with it's really adorable and cutesy exterior design. They have different operating hours so do check out the timings below to prevent being disappointed. I highly suggest making an appointment or reservation if you're intending to drop by during the peak hours or during the weekends.  

The boy & I went on a Thursday at around 1:30PM which was near to the opening time. There was only another pair there and the place was rather quiet. Since we were first timers, the staff also ensured we knew the rules and regulations clearly before we were allowed in. After we made payment, the staff showed us the way in and recommended we place our belongings in the shelves provided to prevent the dogs from chewing anything. She then introduced all the dogs and their breeds. 

We sat around for a little while, not knowing what to do - whether to approach the pooches or to just sit around and wait for them to approach us. Since I've seen countless photos of Buibui, I really really wanted to get a chance to sayang it and to yknow just chill together with it. Ahh, but Buibui was in a really small and comfy corner snoozing away. 


After realizing that Buibui would probably not move from the comfy spot, I made my way over to Duchess and Slinky. I absolutely love the Toy Story movie and to see the resemblances in Slinky made my day. Duchess wasn't really interested in us at all since she had her toys with her. Slinky on the other hand was pretty fine with us stroking it and petting it. Slinky even came over to snuggle next to my leg.


We clearly weren't the only people there and when the other customers there realized that they were not gonna be able to take photos with the dogs or interact with the dogs without treats and incentives, they headed over to the counter and bought some. I am not against buying treats for the dogs, but honestly speaking, once the treats have been introduced by one or two customers, the dogs would naturally only follow the ones with treats. After a few customers bought treats and were basically the only ones the dogs were interested in, the other customers followed suit to get an opportunity at winning the dog's affection. Personally, we felt it would have been better to just slowly let the dogs warm up to you instead of using the treats. Since without the treats the dogs would just walk away and resume their disinterest in you. 

TIP: Be open-minded enough when you are there. Try to gain the trust and affection of the dogs by providing pats and all. Buying treats as a form of bribery will only get you that far. Cause once the dogs realize you have none left, they'll walk away and find someone else who will feed them. 

Me and the boy refused to purchase treats and we decided to just be ourselves and attract whichever dog that wants us. Guess what. Even without treats, Buibui still came to us and cuddled on our laps for a good 15 minutes or so. Yes I repeat, without treats! It was possible to gain the attention and affection of the dogs without treats as bribery. Of course, this lasted only for the short period of time as the other customers walked over to tempt Buibui with treats. 


As time went by (about an hour into our visit), we found ourselves just sitting around having nothing to do except watch people interact and bride dogs with treats. There were also much more customers that came in hence the increase in ratio of customers to dogs. When we saw that the dogs were all more interested in treats, we made the decision to leave to spend our time elsewhere.

All in all, the visit to WTF was truly eye-opening and amazing. I got to interact with a few of the friendlier ones and even got to have some cuddle on my lap/next to my leg. BUT as much as this has been a really fun experience, I still have to say that: If you're expecting a whole bunch of dogs to come and cuddle on your lap, it will not happen unless 1) you have treats 2) you're some sort of doggie king/queen. I kid you not. Would I go back there again? I'm still deciding since it was rather fun going there when they've just opened for the day and having little to no one 'fighting' with you for the dogs. 


Most of the other dogs were hogged by other customers so boohoo I only got to entertain and play with these few aha
Till next time,
Sheryl x

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