Goodbye August, Hello September.

By sherylslq - 12:11 PM


Goodbye August, Hello September.
 It's a new month again. 8/12 months have passed. We're nearing the end of 2012.

Once again another month has passed and all I can do is sit here and wish for a better September. I know it wouldn't work, but i wish upon 11:11 every night for a sense of security? I guess. I don't know why I bother wishing for things I know would never happen. So September is here now. In less than a month I'll be having my eoys, yes and that would determine if I'm going to be promoted or not. It sucks to be stupid and not smart.

So anyways, I had a birthday dinner yesterday at G7 Sinma Live Seafood Restaurant. Not my birthday, my granduncle's. I was super duper full after eating everything and the cake was superb! It was super cute too! The cake was from emicakes.  So since it was a really "formal" kinda dinner I wore my charles&keith wedges which shocked everyone. I have no idea why, maybe it's because they never saw me so tall before. Teeehee! So yeap,  I'll just leave you with pictures. They're in no particular order. Sorryz.

So that was what I wore.......

hehehe, xoxo love you!

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